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In-Situ Machine Production

Why honing?

Periodical honing can minimize operational cost and increase the service life of cylinder liners and piston rings.

For reducing blow by and scuffing as well as lub-oil consumption, it is highly recommended to honing the running surface of liner regularly.

Standard Type


250 - 350

Cyl' Bore

350 - 450

450 - 550

550 - 650

650 - 760

760 - 860

860 - 980

DSKH - 4H1

DSKH - 4H2

DSKH - 4H3

DSKH - 2H1

DSKH - 2H2

DSKH - 2H3

DSKH - 2H4

Other Cyl' bore - Available upon request

Portable honing machine, Eight & Six arm honing head, is easy to operate and suitable weight so that optimized for in-situ service.

As well as electrically driven unit is powerful enough for restoring any size of Cyl' liner.


Not only standard cyl' bore, it can be produced in customized design upon customer's request with resonable price.

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