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Engine Service

Diesel engine repair and maintenance has been the core service of DSK for many years.

Over 20 years, DSK's highly skilled engineers have been providing wide range of diesel engine service with customer oriented mind. We are always focusing on minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency of engine as well as restoring operation as quickly as possible. Our team is waiting to rush to your ship anywhere at any time in the world.

  • Engine maintenance and trouble shooting (2 & 4 Stroke)

  • MAN Turbo & Diesel, Wärtsilä, Japanese Engine Makers, Himsen, Others 

  • A/E Riding Overhaul Service

  • Engine Block & Crank Shaft Replacement (2 & 4 Stroke)

  • Retrofit Service

  • Alpha Lubricator, Fuel Slide Valve, Bearing Wear Monitoring System

  • Lock & Stitching

  • Special welding work at site for Main Engine Frame Box and Bed

  • In-Situ Machining

  • Liner Honing, Surface Grinding(Cyl. Cover and Liner) and Crank shaft machining

  • Others

MAN B&W 50MC crankshaft lifting

Main Engine Maintenance

A/E Block and Crankshaft replacement

A/E Riding overhaul

Aux. Engine Replacement

Retrofit of Alpha Lubricator System

Cyl. cover Stud. Modification

Lock & Stitching

Main bearing saddle replacement

Main Engine A-Frame Repair

Crank shaft In-Situ Machining

Surface grinding between

 Cylinder cover and liner

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